Abigail Mac

Abigail Mac Busty beauty that knows how to efficiently serve the large bolts and always does it with passion and great zeal. She's irresistible in a throat Blowjob, a good subordinate to slutty partners in cleaning all the holes that she willingly under Porky substitutes. In the mornings she actually tried almost everything and everywhere was shown and sold at the highest level. Porn with her participation quickly draws, attracts and brings back the most coveted sensations and hot experience.

Year of birth – 1988, the city of Baltimore. Before the strawberries tasted a few professions to find, but most importantly, she failed to earn much, then porn sexy Mac and decided to go there to try their hand. Her debut was in 2012. Work beauty increased significantly, and she started to get sexual satisfaction and came to her popularity is such a good complement to money. And most importantly, from the outset, Abigail Mac take on powerful corruption, it demonstrated that already knows how much, if anything, we are always ready to learn. And acting with the more famous porn Actresses, Mac was never lost, it is also a significant plus.

For height and weight (height 157 cm, weight – 48 kilograms) girl miniature beauty, but due to the large milkings she looks juicy. But in many photos the Mac as much squeezes their balls, and they seem to be even bigger and tastier in size. And the partners her Breasts often pay much attention to, poking them profusely and bolted between them to chase. In General, the body of Abigail all right.

Great strawberry from sexy minx Abigail Mac many users will be able to attract and keep. It should be noted that the rollers with its participation and more versatile, Mac is equally awesome everywhere given to reprobates, but in somewhat different ways it presents and plays. Watch and get the hot and cool experience.

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  • Born: 02 June, 1988
  • Birthplace: United States, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Videos: 118
  • Height: 157
  • Weight: 48