AJ Applegate

AJ applegate – blonde beauty with a memorable alias and skills in different strawberry cool to show themselves and to sell. A. J. is bisexual, maybe that's why she does equally well with men and women. Porn Actresses beauty shows hot lesbian joy, and males in full in all her holes trouble-free riding, making it dynamic and in dominant form. In General, a variety of porn videos with applegate famously visible. Birth year – 1989 country – USA. Born in the small town of Massapequa, and spent his childhood in Connecticut. From teenage age was fond of dancing, went to various support groups and prior to joining the strawberry danced a Striptease. Also to pornography worked as a teacher for dance and posed naked for various men's magazines. In 2012 the blonde beauty has made a decision that completely changed her life, she started acting in the strawberry. Her first stage name - Kaylee Evans, however, under them there was a little pornography, as the actress realized that the porn was already too many girls with similar names, and she wanted to stand out and so it became - A. J. applegate. Surname applegate she took not just her many friends and relatives said that it looks similar to a famous movie actress Christina applegate, the resemblance between them actually exists. In 2013, A. J. showed that in strawberry, she's a lot ready, cutie started acting in scenes with anal sex, now spectacled joy – is its crown, without which the depravity with males never do. And as noted, in other areas it is also excellent: throat Blowjob, sex in all holes, playing with objects, lesbian joy, and more. Pornography has several prestigious awards, including best sex scene, best lesbian sex scenes, new starlet and more. And it also speaks to its versatility in the porn industry. About his plans for the future A. J. applegate is often said in an interview in pornography she wants to stay long and even expects to get the status of the mother, because now without the strawberries of her life she had not. Also beauty is already thinking about how to remove porn as a Director, she believes that in this direction it also be great to implement. Far-reaching plans that's good, A. J. single-minded woman, so she should be okay. Strawberry with her no wonder enjoys high popularity, there is a lot of excitement, lust and strong emotions. A. j applegate knows how to fully please a partner and how to satisfy the sexual needs of the partners in the porn she had found her place very well, so far this beauty has no intention to leave the strawberry. Go into the world of heated comfort and have an unforgettable experience.

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  • Born: 23 September, 1989
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Videos: 70
  • Height: 157
  • Weight: 53