Alina Li

Alina Li (Alina Li) – Asian minx, which quickly broke into the world of pornography. This babe is masterfully doing Blowjob to the male, ably fills the hole, plus a hot Orgy and fuck without any restrictions. She's young, but despite this has a great sexual experiences and allows her to please males. And given its slight age, you can say Whether Alina will have great future in the porn industry, if she will not slow down the momentum.

Beauty was born in Shanghai (China) in 1994. In the strawberry got when she was nineteen and loud about myself beginning to say a few months later. One of the first porn films with her participation was the film Eddie Puella "the Innocence of youth 7" ("The Innocence of Youth 7"). And Powell is one of those filmmakers who know how to find future stars. In this film, If not in major roles, but with his secondary role coped. After was porn-picture "Cuties 6," the Director - Asa Akira, famous porn-diva of Asian appearance. And in this movie, Alina Li played the main role and showed how she can fuck in front of cameras and are able to give to your body. Then in her career there were several films and even more porn videos every taste and color. Therefore, we can say that this Asian pretty lady attracts his sexual versatility, there is such a porn genre in which she could help the show and to give anything less than one hundred percent. After all, Alina realizes that in the porn industry you either work, receive large fees and fame or trash and constantly being on secondary plans. While the latter role is obviously not for her.

We believe that the incomparable Alina Li is now in the very beginning of his porn career. Though now she was able to achieve a lot and win the audience's sympathy throughout the world. Watch the hot videos with her participation on our website and go to the world cool and interesting hardcore action, where you get bored, just do not have.

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  • Born: 08 September, 1994
  • Birthplace: China, Shanghai
  • Videos: 20
  • Height: 165
  • Weight: not specified
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