Bonnie Rotten

Bonnie rotten – stunning beauty with a firm body and appetizing forms. In the world of pornography, she broke into 2012, and for a short period of time has achieved incredible success.

Bonnie was born in the American town of Cincinnati in 1993. Initially she got into the modeling business, and then moved to strawberry. The first steps in the modeling environment did as a dancer, performing at various motor shows. And even then the rotten and was able to understand how efficiently to present and show off your gorgeous body. And in nineteen grow Bonnie began her career in pornography, in 2012 he released two debut films with her participation: "the Gangbang of Bonnie rotten and Meet Bonnie". Paintings were a huge success and made the young beauty a real star. Busty Bonnie is eager to take part in all the sexual scenes, it can be called a versatile porn actress that knows how to get an orgasm and satisfy even the most demanding partners. And efforts were rotten quickly noticed and appreciated, in 2012 she won several prestigious porn awards, among which was the prize performer of the year. Bonnie on our laurels is not stopped, and in 2013 only cemented his popularity by starring in a huge number of adult films. 2014 was also successful for her in the works. With one hand pornography Bonnie gives their natural beauty, on the other hand is its looseness, aggressiveness and just crazy emotional. Any entrance along with rotten, no cutie everywhere laid out one hundred percent.

But pornography Bonnie was able to give not only your perfect body shape, but also a love of tattoos. Almost all body cancerous brunette covered in various tattoos, her pornographic image complements. It is a tattoo say about her promiscuity and reliability. Rotten tattooed with partners doing a lot of things, by showing how to love fatal beauties. With humor Bonnie still in full working order and one of her tattoo translates as: "Dead girls don't cry" ("Dead Girls Don't Cry"). But even with all the frankness and licentiousness, is in the image of a rotten and dramatic features, which she enjoys. Their roles the girl shows that pornography is a difficult art.

Bonnie rotten just twenty-one, in front of her long adult life. But now she was able to become a real idol of the porn industry. Watch movies with Bonnie rotten on our website, they will give an unforgettable experience.

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  • Born: 09 May, 1993
  • Birthplace: United States, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Videos: 96
  • Height: 170
  • Weight: 46
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