Brooklyn Chase

Brooklyn chase is a gorgeous beauty with very big Breasts and the ability to substitute all the holes for powerful cleaning. She's sexy, in a good way lascivious and unique in various pleasures. She knows the taste of group sex, willingly engaged in lesbian pleasures and always the full program is laid out. In General, strawberry with sexy Brooklyn is a pleasure and delight.

Year of birth – 1985 (for her age cutie practically looks perfect, she's trying to keep his body in shape and it is noticeable, and frequent sexual favors helping her to do it), city of San Diego. Immediately, once in the strawberry, began to appear a lot and most importantly, the chase is almost always said Yes. This allowed her to become a popular porn actress. The fans at chase too much that says about her fame and popularity. Due to the huge milkings Brooklyn gives the impression of luscious beauty, even though weight and height and it's the smallest (height – 157 cm, weight – 50 kg). But when a powerful joy begin, and its size ceases to be seen, and chase shows himself a real beast.

Managed to try their hand at the art cinema, she has a few episodes in the second-grade tapes. The film "Trouble at summer camp", it was released in 2010, this Comedy baby played the episode, and he managed, the role of small but memorable character. Although porn memorable roles she has much more she plays the teachers, housekeepers, secretaries, modest Babes and many other damsels, whom the men always throw the hottest joy. At first she might have a little break, but when it starts, Busty Brooklyn demonstrates that full to please partners and have the partners they can. Just look a few videos with her participation, to understand that she's a porn diva most important values.

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  • Born: 14 March, 1985
  • Birthplace: United States, San Diego, California
  • Videos: 38
  • Height: 157
  • Weight: 50