Dakota Skye

Dakota Skye – slim American porn actress who recently got into the strawberry, but he managed to catch the fancy of many fans of versatile fucking. Skye is a petite girl, she has small Breasts, but you cannot say that it is not a sexy lady. On the contrary, the natural beauty in her very much. Oh and to the beauty of the still need to add her desire to star in any porn: anal pleasure, brutal Blowjob, orgies and sex with girls. This is not a shop where Dakota could neither show themselves skillfully and efficiently implemented. Now she does not reach even a hundred porn roles, but this is the case when all the successes yet to come, well, beauty takes fans quality and not large quantity. She's only twenty years old, minor age of the porn industry, which allows the sky for years to be on the tops of the strawberries and keep moving forward.

Born blue-eyed Charmer with white hair in Tampa in 1994. Her real name is Dakota fanning. The most famous nickname - Dakota Skye, although there are reports that in 2015 the chick that decided to become Cat SKU, considering the given alias more successful. And, in General, it's not alias, but the ability to give the set one hundred percent, and this Dakota is not to take away. In the porn business petite beauty came in 2013, when she was nineteen years old. Already managed to actively collaborate with many well-known porn studios, among which is "BRAZZERS". And we can't say that her getting into pornography was accidental, the chick did everything to be there. She posted in the Internet its a few videos with Masturbation and almost immediately began to receive offers from studios and filmmakers. An interview with Dakota Skye loves to give and she often notes that she loves when the partners ejaculated in her cap back on, it brings her pleasure and enjoyment. Also there is no difference with whom to have sex with women or men. Masturbation Skye also brings great pleasure. Oh and interesting fact, that beauty also often mentions in the interview comes to a natural shyness, which is very hard to believe. Dakota shy girl who's not even always the first to approach the guy and try to get to know, even if she strongly would like it.

We are well aware that the popularity of the matchless Dakota sky is increasing every day, and so we are trying to add to the site porn videos with her participation. The whole strawberry with a miniature sky-soaked lust, fascination and wonderful beauty. You will not find it any real "work" and it's great.

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  • Born: 17 April, 1994
  • Birthplace: United States, Tampa, Florida
  • Videos: 38
  • Height: 160
  • Weight: 45
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