Jasmine James

Jasmine James – a beauty with big Tits, mistress real a hot debauchery, which willingly all the holes for cleaning the bolts up. Loves to engage in sex with multiple partners, perfectly takes the complete submission to the reprobates and always giving one hundred percent. Males in every video its so powerful fleece that looks incredibly tasty and very pleasant. Jasmine chase to the point, thrash the roller and the cap should work out between milkings and fill with sperm, her small, she continues to act and receives not only good money but also pleasure. Likes to change the appearance, this applies to hair color, the last time James red hair, so she looks like a real beast and harlot reliable.

Year of birth – 1991, country – Britain. Began to appear in English strawberry, then successfully moved to American porn, then the popularity of to her and came. Exactly porn USA Busty Jasmine and were able to glorify, there it turned out to be a lot more opportunities. Collaborated and cooperated with well-known studios. Her height is not very high – 160 cm, weight – 60 kgs (huge milking obviously a couple pounds James added, but that chest is its main advantage). In addition to pornography frequently appears naked for various men's magazines, she's photogenic and knows what poses and angles its charms tastes best to demonstrate and teach. Now a porn career Jasmine James is moving on the rise, and it must continue to increase its popularity, as suitable to work with full responsibility and a strong zeal. There is no walk-through videos with her participation, Busty cutie everywhere emotional and is unique.

Well, when the work brings pleasure, Jasmine James is always in full debauchery enjoys powerful and does everything to fully satisfy partners and partners on the sets. This beauty with great Tits real artist various pleasures, look delicious strawberries with her and themselves in make sure.

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  • Born: 27 September, 1991
  • Birthplace: United Kingdom
  • Videos: 5
  • Height: 163
  • Weight: 60
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