Jessica Jaymes

Jessica James is one of the most famous American porn Actresses who were born in Alaska. The star was not immediately, but almost from the start, that was the point. Although more than a decade, the incomparable Jessica starred in the largest number of minor films and filmography does not go in plus. And the numbers really are not that large, from 2002 to the beginning of 2015, about 150 paintings are for adults. This is not to say that there were sharp breaks in the filming. And dignity in such a small number of roles are available only those that everywhere James is actually one hundred percent laid out. She started her career in the porn industry as a young beautiful woman and successfully moved to mom even at the age of thirty years old Jessica James was still a sexy woman. Such ladies as she is actually able to excite, make and quality is good.

Year of birth – 1979. Her alias is Jessica James, is a combination of two names, her real name is Jessica and the name of her ex-boyfriend James, who is beautiful in his time loved. Already mentioned that in 2002 the sexy Jessica was in the porn business, at the time she was twenty-three years. But the way it was not the easiest, since the first years of the beauty was located on the second plans and often starred in feature films, where are the other Charmer was the soloist. But, in the end, Jessica James was able to show and prove that is an expert in fucking versatile she knows it, too. The peak of her career came in 2005 – 2008, when minx was in the Prime of life. It was then that she had several prestigious nominations and a win from "Penthouse" - pussy of the month (August). Well, in moms black haired whore James were great, although not as bright as it was several years ago. And partly about her you can say that as a Mature woman Jessica James is often underestimated, although in spectator popularity is absolutely not affected. A beautiful woman always had a lot of devoted fans, who completely supported it, and now I love and appreciate. In conventional cinema Jessica also tried to find myself and even played a few roles, though these roles were either minor or in far not the most successful pictures. Although it is possible to note the series "Dope", where in two episodes James played a secondary character. The role for this series popular and interesting to the many features.

There is in pornography with the participation of Jessica James has a special emotion, excitement and strong desire. At the age of twenty we were attracted by her chic appearance, after thirty Jessica began taking the audience with their sexual skills. Strawberry with the incomparable James actually fascinated and strongly attracted to, you will find it on our site and get a lot of good experiences.

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  • Born: 08 March, 1979
  • Birthplace: United States, Anchorage, Alaska
  • Videos: 37
  • Height: 170
  • Weight: 53