Jessie Saint

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She was born in the USA in 2000. At the age of nineteen, she got into pornography. Passed a couple of auditions and start of the cool shoot. Plays half sisters, neighbors, students, step-daughters. Gets used to each proposed image and then powerfully Fucks. Beauty Jessie Saint likes everything that happens to her in porn. The harlot enjoys and gives all the best. Whatever video you take, Jessie Saint is very good there. It is clear that the bitch will go far in the most powerful hot debauchery.

The growth of the blonde is 163 centimeters, light weight and a cute face. She seems like a prude. In fact, Jessie is a hot insatiable harlot. Breaks into debauchery and completely given. And the tattoos complement her rakish appearance. Tattoos on the body of Jesse is not much, she plans to finish them. Here's a hot skinny girl who loves to roast and catch the fun.

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  • Born: not specified
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Videos: 54
  • Height: 163
  • Weight: not specified
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