Kelsi Monroe

Kelsey Monroe – the owner of an incredibly juicy ass, porn actress with an ass, which many males would like to fully work out. Kelsey is also known for its incredible stretch, in the hottest poses she skillfully debauchery, not only with partners but with partners, in General, the taste of real lesbian sex her full sign. And it is in relationship with the teammates Kelsey Monroe more desirable than just looks, where she turns into a real beast, for which restrictions and prohibitions simply don't exist. Although with males it is also always great shows, often performing them with full submission and unquestioning .. all the holes for the cleaning. In General, the porn actress she is versatile and obviously with a good future, unless, of course, momentum will not be reset.

Year of birth – 1994, country – USA. At the age of nineteen was in the strawberry, it was 2013. Immediately began to show that in sex everything is ready, therefore, and began to leave the tape with her participation with speaking names – anal dreams, Porky spectacled and so on. Filmed with a variety of partners and female partners and even among the venerable pornographic stars was never lost and hot demonstrating their skills. Removed a lot in the strawberry Jay sin, and this famous Director is able to convey real porn stars. External data for strawberries at Kelsey Monroe is just great, plus it was noted that she has incredible stretch. It sometimes takes positions that just from what I have seen the head starts to go around. Well, small they age, which allows her many more years of successful acting hot and continue to show themselves in all kinds of porn.

Sexy Kelsey Monroe knows the taste of the different sex, it is always one hundred percent laid out and surprising partners and partners is incredible. Now her career is in the strawberry is on the increase, this means that hot rollers with its participation will continue to be produced. Watch great porn and have an unforgettable experience.

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  • Born: 01 January, 1994
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Videos: 95
  • Height: 170
  • Weight: not specified