Kendra Lust

Kendra Fins – juicy lady in age, body which is still gorgeous, Last knows a lot about this sex. Kendra was born in 1978 in Canada and ended up in strawberry when she was 34 years (2012). Not every woman at that age decide to try their hand at pornography, but Last it did and it has paid off. In the genre of "mommy", it quickly gained tremendous popularity. In the majority of pornographic pictures Kendra Fins shows their partners how to have sex and get mutual pleasure. And the kids learn quickly, as a result, the Fins being punished. For two years in the porn industry Last achieved significant results. The movies with her look, the audience love it and support it. Pornography is good because everyone can find something for themselves. You tired young porn divas who know little about sex? It does not matter, look at the films with the participation of Kendra's Fins, her ability to surrender to the camera you will definitely attract interest. For many years Kendra has existed a very ordinary life until he found his true calling. It happens that we don't know where we can find a use. And with one hand this is good that the Fins in the strawberry came at a young age, she was fully developed as a woman who has much to show and many can share. This Busty slut knows that I love these guys. And so it glorifies them always one hundred percent, not sparing her magnificent body.

Kendra Fins removed not only in pornographic movies, where the partners are younger than her, in other varieties of strawberries it's also marvellous shows and presents (Orgy, staged s & m, sex outdoors and much more). In any sex she is just gorgeous, in both traditional and exotic. Fins are also a very good actress, she's not just expertly fucked on camera, but emotionally played. She has a discerning eye, expressive features, and all these Busty Kendra knows how to use. There is not a man who would refuse to spend a stormy night sex with these hot ladies remember for a long time.

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  • Born: 08 September, 1978
  • Birthplace: Canada
  • Videos: 113
  • Height: 161
  • Weight: 54