Kortney Kane

Kourtney Kane – slutty American porn actress, very versatile mistress of debauchery and the Chicks that could be called a very hot bitch. Kane is not simply substitutes the holes for the powerful spanking, seductress does it in a fun way, plus, in some videos it is sexy Courtney is the main and dominating partners. It should also be noted that this chick often plays the schoolteachers, maids, nurses, and secretaries, and males, as if accidentally come with her in hot sexual contact. Sometimes they spin bitch on sex, and sometimes she shows all her holes want to purge. And having the chance to pull out Courtney Kane, tramps use it one hundred percent.

Year of birth – 1986, country – USA. In the strawberry Busty harlot Courtney Kane got in 2010. Collaborated with various studios and her porn career consistently went up. It all started with minor roles and for the most leading studios, and now Kane is known and sought after porn diva. She did it all and continues doing it successfully be doing. New video with the whore constantly come out, and now she is also actively involved in lesbian soft-core, which from the very beginning, Courtney did not want to appear. But attitudes are changing and Cain already knows what a powerful unisexual joy. The growth of this beauty is not the most significant – 166 cm, weight - about 50 pounds, and due to the large milkings Courtney seems a little sappy girly, but extra grams in her sexy figure, definitely not.

Strawberry very different directions with the incomparable Courtney Kane you can easily find on our site. This black-haired beauty expertly serves trunks, willingly exposes all the holes and joins in lesbian debauchery. You will have to choose from and enjoy.

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  • Born: 31 July, 1986
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Videos: 17
  • Height: 165
  • Weight: 48
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