Lika Star

Delicious blonde with a pseudonym Lika Star. Looks sexy, pounding with strong members and shows that she is a working sweet pullet. On all the trunks of the Face Star eagerly pounces and perfectly satisfies them. Pornography with this beauty turns out to be passionate, emotional and attractive in terms of speed. See how Lika cool naughty, and plunge into the world of pleasure.

She was born in 1997 in Ukraine. In 2017, she began acting in pornography. Here are some aliases of this beauty - Lolly Small, Masha, Mery Lee. The main alias is Lika Star. Now cooperates with well-known world studios and regularly grabs on sweet holes. Cutie Lika is driven by Negroes and white men, she is engaged in lesbian debauchery and tries to enjoy everything. In all the videos, Lika Star appears as a sweet little chick that wants to be punished. Her prettiness is deceptive, inside Lika is a restless debauchee.

The calf is thin and sexy, the appearance of her beauty pullets. The bitch plays students, stepdaughters, stepsisters and different young Chicks who ask for fucking. Then there is a delicious debauchery and it looks cool. In any image, Lika Star is good and attractive. Cutie knows exactly how to fully enjoy any pleasures. Here is such a Ukrainian pornographic blonde, working for comfort and beautiful in appearance. Porn with her you will find here, powerful videos, hot sex and all the most attractive.

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  • Born: 01 December, 1997
  • Birthplace: Ukraine
  • Videos: 26
  • Height: 163
  • Weight: not specified
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