Luna Star

Luna Star – a true Latin beauty who is a hot bitch and good in the different pornography is removed. She's sexy, dependable and available, any corruption by the forces of the moon, from spectacle and adventure to deep suction members, lesbian sex this cutie is also good, plus a group of joy and much more. Is this juicy beauty to get upset and then its difficult to stop, which is growing Old and gets everything she wants, not forgetting to complete the program to meet partners. There are a lot of hot videos where Busty Luna jumps at the males, she meets the glory of them, and she enjoys delicious pleasures. In General, watch the strawberry with this sweet pleasure. She knows how to obey and allows slutty males to be major.

Year of birth – 1989, city – Havana (Cuba). At the age of fifteen the girl came to Miami, she is now also in this city live. Before coming to porn in many areas tried to find himself, but something didn't work out. In the strawberry went in search of money, in 2012, had its first shooting in pornography. Cutie was 23 years old, and she knew what she wants and expects good earnings and popularity. From the beginning, the Old Moon began to agree even on the most powerful joy, that the confidence of Directors and she was able to win. It became clear that Latin bitch Luna is ready to go far. This answers not only in pornographic videos, but also feature films for adult audiences, for example, "American hustle: a Parody for adults." In this pornographic parody of the famous movie Busty hot Moon Old were able to show themselves, and even among more eminent partners is not lost. It's generally a good trait – not to be lost amid the more successful and famous personalities with this Latin beauty is all in order.

Body Luna Star chic, dance classes help her to look great, plus frequent sex. And that dancing is her main hobby. Also cutie dreams of opening his own restaurant, what she talked about in several interviews. She thinks about the future and having your own business, albeit small, is a guarantee of stability. Also, except for the porn Moon sometimes dances a Striptease in elite Nightclubs and starred naked for men's magazines, she abound, the important thing is that everywhere is pretty cool and carries herself fully laid out.

Matchless Star Luna quickly broke into the world of hot and delicious pornography. It removed a lot, making plans for the future and just enjoying life. This Latin babe one hundred percent found his place in American porn and age allows her a few years hot to sell yourself. On our site you can watch the desired movies with her participation and plunge into the world of hot depravity and versatile.

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  • Born: 25 May, 1989
  • Birthplace: Cuba, Havana
  • Videos: 152
  • Height: 163
  • Weight: 51