Mercedes Carrera

Mercedes Carrera is a real Latin beauty with big milkings and a gorgeous body, strawberry removed recently, but already hot sells itself in all kinds of debauchery: lesbian sex, the joy of males, spanking in every hole, deep throating, submission to partners and much more. Mercedes sultry Mature beauty, which must find their place in the world of hot and powerful pornography.

Year of birth – 1982, city of Los Angeles, CA. Has Latin roots, what is noticeable in her appearance. In the strawberry came in 2014, having decided to radically change his life. The beauty was 31 years old, but it was worth the risk, the arrival of Carrera the porn industry has been successful and justified. Immediately started acting in the porn series slut moms, moms Chronicles and so on. And immediately began to show that sexual baggage she has huge, agreeing to all sorts of joy. As noted, removed, and with stakeholders and partners. Already out over 50 hot videos with her participation, plus a few full-length pornographic films. And this is clearly not the outside, Mercedes Carrera only got a taste of a pornographic life, and to dump momentum she has no plans. Interested in sports, which she and helps to keep yourself in good physical shape. In many spots takes unimaginable positions, showing your great stretching and overall excellent physical training. And the co monitor so that the holes of a sexy Mercedes were in the "shape" and always plenty of them lose. Starred in the comedic short film "Five reasons why porn stars hate "Fifty shades of grey"" were not there, to the questions of explicit nature. And can Carrera and simple movie going to start, beautiful women there are appreciated.

But while her thoughts only about the world of pornography and how to achieve the most incredible heights and to achieve real success. The actress for this is a good opportunity, she is gorgeous, Horny and in a good way trouble-free. See diverse strawberry with Busty Mercedes Carrera and dipped into the world of incredibly hot pornography.

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  • Born: 30 November, 1982
  • Birthplace: United States, Los Angeles, California
  • Videos: 57
  • Height: 173
  • Weight: not specified