Nacho Vidal

Nacho Vidal is one of the most famous Spanish porn actors and Directors. Brutal man, who starred in different porn, there are gay kisses with his participation. As he says Nacho, gay pornography he produces specifically for their male fans, in this way giving them a tribute of respect and gratitude for the tremendous support. Although still in the majority of commercials Seen razvratnica with partners, sex with women and girls he likes to dominate and be in charge. He knows how hot to punish even the most fastidious partner and in every video is one hundred percent laid out.

Year of birth – 1973 (for his age the actor is in great shape just as very much involved in sports). Real name: Ignacio Gonzalez Chord. Started to work in the Spanish pornography, then gradually moved into the American strawberry, and where able to make yourself a star name. He has several prestigious awards in various categories, also interesting and important fact that the rewards Nacho systematically receives, we cannot say that he had some serious dips in popularity, although the incredible "highs" Seen in the quarry was observed. He's just stable in the porn industry, and not every actor and Director can boast. Had problems with the law, the Spanish police incriminated him in connection with the Chinese mafia and various crimes, although wine Nacho has not been proven. And after this incident in 2012, thanked everyone who supported him, including the fans, to whom Vidal had always respected. In this sense it is a bit unique porn actor, because not all people from the world of the porn industry is so good and kind to his fans. Now Nacho's career still moving steadily, which means that several years from strawberries to go he just has no plans. Plus any man will continue to try his hand at directing, where he also was able to find.

Nacho Vidal has starred in more than 500 pornographic pictures, he worked on many high-profile awards and over a hundred feeds as a Director. He respects his fans, so they love him too. Watch great pornography with its participation and have fun.

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  • Born: 30 December, 1973
  • Birthplace: Spain
  • Videos: 9
  • Height: 188
  • Weight: 85
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