Samantha Saint

Samantha Saint is a popular American porn-mistress. A true master of his craft, which is often a quality fuck both young and Mature males. Samantha really skillfully shoots his tasty hole and full work out large fees. In the strawberry the highest level it is on the 2011 and during this time Saint managed to pull in a large number of videos and feature-length pornographic films.

Born in Memphis in 1987. As already noted, in 2011, the beauty got into the porn industry, then she was twenty-one years. And, despite his young age, Saint immediately showed that a lot about the quality fucking she knows. In 2012 he signed a very lucrative contract with "Wicked Pictures", the leading film Studio for the production of strawberries of the highest level in the United States. And be an actress "Wicked Pictures" starred in such films – "me and my girlfriend", "change in feelings" and "this is why I'm hot 2". About her great sex with men has been noted, Samantha Saint is often involved in lesbian pleasures. In General, a porn diva she really is versatile. And I can even say that Saint is often not the credit I deserve. And it's not the audience and critics and people who give out prestigious awards. The beauty had a lot of nominations from "AVN Award", but she won only in one of them, becoming the pussy of October 2012. Even the naked eye can see and you can see that Samantha's huge potential, which it has not been fully implemented and can be rewards would help her do it. As so often happens, you win some and begin to show themselves better.

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  • Born: 08 June, 1987
  • Birthplace: United States, Memphis, Tennessee
  • Videos: 12
  • Height: 173
  • Weight: 55
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