Veronica Snow

Veronica snow is a Mature whore with not the most perfect body, but love for the powerful and hot debauchery, in it she is good and irresistible. Deep sucking, hole inserts, like when the males dominate over her, and knows the taste of gay pleasures. In adulthood has been found in strawberries and is quickly becoming known MILF. Her "story" suggests that it is never too late to try to change something, snow is well done, and I was right.

Year of birth – 1973, the city of Newport beach (CA, USA). Was filmed under the following aliases: Veronica and Victoria Blue. Although the greatest popularity received as Veronica Snow. Debut in pornography in 2002. The whore herself has said that her best to play with the girls as lesbian sex, she really enjoy, and if you look at her "creativity", and hot rollers with snow and the males abound. In the strawberry for young guys like Veronica was a teacher in pleasures, and they willingly fought this Mature MILF. With girls it is also their big experience shared, and porn videos it turned out delicious. Starred with some interruptions, is also the co-owner of the company "Girlfriends Films", she specializiruetsya on creating same-sex strawberries. Such emphasis is understandable that the like, is produced. Although now purely on the same-sex of pornography will not go far, Mature Veronica has always recognised this, so different and porn was filmed. She famously showed himself in the joys with toys for debauchery, bitch knew how to give myself pleasure and to bring pleasure.

Her "creativity" for lovers of Mature whores, Veronica snow is a hot MILF, with which the real males are always willing to spend time. She always was reliable, Horny and slutty, what else is needed to create a powerful pornography??? Watch videos from Veronica Snow on our website and get into the most coveted moments.

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  • Born: 23 March, 1973
  • Birthplace: United States, Newport Beach, California
  • Videos: 3
  • Height: 170
  • Weight: not specified
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